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Poem.London Essay

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  • on December 3, 2013
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Differences between poems: “London” by William Blake and “London (1802)” by William Wordsworth

“London” was written by William Blake (1757-1827) and his theme is more about the people of London and the conditions of the urban poor and their physical and spiritual misery. In this poem London is a place like hell. “London 1802" was written by William Wordsworth (1770-1850) however a more positive view of London and is more concerned with the buildings and view of London. The stories of the two poems are totally different to each other.
"London" is a sonnet, but "London, 1802" has 4 quatrains. Both Poems are certainly critical, but Wordsworth is being satirical, while Blake is more cynical. Not much satire in Blake's words. London was considered a major theme of both poems but for completely contrasting reasons.
In the poem “London” by William Blake the speaker wanders through the streets of London and comments on his observations. He sees despair in the faces of the people he meets and hears fear and repression in their voices. The woeful cry of the chimney-sweeper stands as a chastisement to the Church, and the blood of a soldier stains the outer walls of the monarch’s residence. The nighttime holds nothing more promising: the cursing of prostitutes corrupts the newborn infant and sullies the “Marriage hearse.”
On the other hand the poem “London (1802)” by William Wordsworth the speaker addresses the soul of the dead poet John Milton; saying that he should be alive at this moment in history, for England needs him. England, the speaker says, is stagnant and selfish, and Milton could raise her up again. The speaker says that Milton could give England “manners, virtue, freedom, power,” for his soul was like a star, his voice had a sound as pure as the sea, and he moved through the world with “cheerful godliness,” laying upon him the “lowest duties.”
These two poets were write two different things to each other based on London. William Blake and William...

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