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Poem Examination Throughout the English 100-022 class many poems have been examined. Every single one is unique in its own way, grasping the readers’ attention and pulling the person in for an indescribable experience; for me this poem is Joan Alishire’s “Slipping”. Everyone goes through the cycle of life, and at the end of their journey it is guaranteed that death will come their way. In Alishire’s poem “Slipping”, the daughter of a doctor explains the same concept of getting old and fragile, going through the cycle of life and eventually, life coming to an end, using her father as an example. The daughter explains the state that her father is in by using the word “slipping”, this is relevant because it helps the reader to quickly conclude that the old doctors’ life will shortly be coming to an end. When reading this poem it is clear to see that the once agile young doctor is now an old fragile man, whose life is being taken away from him. “Years, like/ pickpockets, lift his concentration, /memory, fine sense of direction.” (3-5) this quote is the daughter explaining how her father’s life is leaving him, like someone stealing from your pockets and your mind. The daughter talks about her father’s health, and how his own two feet can barely hold him up as he ages, “the leg that weakens will/ barely support him…” (L.2-3).In addition to the fathers life coming to an end, the daughter also uses a metaphor to describe the condition he is in, “The car,/ as he drives, drifts from lane to lane/ like a raft on a river, speeds and slows/ for no reason, keeps missing turns.” (6-8).This is a fabulous metaphor because not only does it describe his health, suggesting that her father is like the raft which is drifting away from life, with no sense of direction, but this also shows the reader that he can no longer safely and consciously drive because of his age. In order to
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