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I enjoyed reading most of the poems that we where given but there were two poems that stood out the most for me. These had to “This Be The Verse” by Philip Larkin and “Frogs” by Norman MacCaig. “This Be The Verse” Even though I would not like to admit it, I think that the curse words where what drew me to the poem. I think it is the fact that I have never seen a poem that curses before and especially if it was written by a respected poet of the 20th century. I respect the poet because he curses which I think not many poets would do due to the public frowning on them if they did so. This means the poet is not afraid to say what he thinks and is not afraid to shock his audience. In this poem Philip Larkin has a very pessimistic view “Man hands on misery to man” on family life from a teenagers point of view, I disagree with his narrow view of a persons faults but I do find this poem amusing. “Frogs” the thing that drew me to this poem had to be the bizarre subject of the poem, which I think is great. I think Norman MacCaig thinks of the frogs as heroes. I think this because during the poem he says words like “ arms across their chests and heads high” and “they never panic”. On the other hand I think he finds it funny the way the frogs die, due to the verse “ I love frogs that sit, like Buddha, that fall without parachutes, that die like Italian tenors.” Overall I find his poem very funny due to his great word choice and

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