Poem and Short Stories Essay

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In the writings of Clugston, Richard Wilbur is an American poet where his works are insightful and arranged in a way that shows expression of his emotions and moral values (2010, p. 218). Richard Wilbur has written a poem named “Boy at the Window.” Wilbur was enlightened by his son while looking out the window at the snow man he built. He expresses that poetry is a response to everyday life while watching the feeling and thoughts of his son. It induced innocent distress from his son that Wilbur could connect to and was able to create a poem. One major similarity there is in poem as well as short stories feelings and visions that have come from real life experience or knowing about others and their life whether it is written as fiction or non-fiction. Theme is in both poems and short stories but it is harder to find one min a poem than in a short story. One major difference from a poem is it has short sentences and has a rhythm and rhythm to it as the short story has long structured sentences, more structured grammar, and has a plot. “Your environment and personal experiences influence your response to stories. Whether you are aware of it or not, the lens through which you envision a story is filtered by insights you have gained from family traditions, religious beliefs, and critical life issues” (Clugston, 2010, p. 218). In the, “The Necklace,” was written by Guy de Maupassant. The plot of this story is described as a couple that tries to act as if they are well off but it does show through like a fake piece of jewelry. What I get out of the poem of “Boy at the Window.” The author expressed the care the child had for the snowman that was alone out in the cold. And the snowman shows empathy towards the boy because his is in the house where it is warm. The boy cannot live outside and the snowman cannot live inside. Where the boy and snowman are confused about

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