Poem Analysis: 'Da Kink And Four Colored Boys'

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Victoria Adams Dr. Shirley M. Jordan Humanities 103 October 18, 2011 “Da Kink and Four Colored Boys” This I can relate to” How a mother love for your child.” The performance was a real reality show as we see it in life. The men wore a Barlow State Prison shirt. Saying “We will tell Our Story” as Black African men. They will start off (hmmm) as we see it in prison today as black men. They would always ask the question” Who is my Mother?” They see it as black men are just number, because we will not think for we are educated ourselves as men. The number is when you are locked up and they call you by your last name and you have to give them a number for your identity. When will you learn our young men, When will you learn? The music gets them through the pain and heart ache they feel, when they are in the white man system. This is what it is. They label Black men as criminal and rapist. It is time for our people to change their thought of mind to what you want to have and, it should be more than a number that will represent you, and follow you through your life. A mistake will follow you a long way if you are not careful, but learning from that mistake will make u wiser are better.…show more content…
What you do will only bring shame to your parents and to you. A mother love will only go so far. Once u burn you bridge it is hard to get it back. A Mother love will be there but it is only so much she can take. The holidays and birthdays they felt lonely cause they was not with family and friends, instead the white tell them what they can and cannot do. We are much better than that. They see and hear things in the prison cell the beating, lies, torture. When they take all of your dignity from you, what will you have left, just a number? Some don’t know how to feel to be hug, kiss, and love because they were locked up so long. The streets will always have the mind of our black

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