Poem Analysis: Cyrano De Bergerac

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Chad Clemens Cyrano de Bergerac Edmond Rostand 11/21/07 Period 3 1. Cyrano de Bergerac is the humorous and tragic story about the life of Cyrano- a remarkable swordsman, compassionate poet, wonderful musician, and secret lover. Cyrano displays mastery in almost all aspects of his life, whether it is his exceptional dueling skills or his illustrious poems. His clever wit can make anyone laugh or smile, winning the adoration of many. His lyrical soul is expressed radiantly through his poetry and music. There is perhaps no braver soul in all of France than Cyrano; he enters all battles with outstanding courage and strong will. However, above the divine life Cyrano seems to lead lurks a cold shadow of doubt and misery. Although it…show more content…
The scene is beautiful. On the left is a house upon a terrace at the front of a flight of stairs. A gigantic tree overshadows the little open space around it. A stone bench resides among Boxwood bushes. Chestnut trees live the path to the chapel on the right. Red, golden, and brown foliage lies atop the green lawn in piles under each tree and scattered throughout the areas not shadowed by the tall timbers. The fall sky and October air create a serene mood, uninterrupted by the few nuns walking amidst the grounds. All is at…show more content…
One of the clearest symbols in Cyrano de Bergerac is the hideous mass jutting out from the center of Cyrano’s face: his nose. Cyrano’s nose defines his crucial and perhaps only flaw, which is his entire absence of self-esteem. He believes that that atrocity marks him as the man who could never possibly be endeared. He thinks lowly of himself, never regaining confidence as he is constantly reminded of what curse he has just by looking forward. Cyrano’s nose is the barrier between Cyrano and the one thing missing in his life, as well as the one thing he longs for most: love and love from another. Cyrano’s esteem issues, sparked from his nose, leave his life lonely and desolate for all of his

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