Poem Analysis: Corner Boy

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The setting is West Baltimore during the summer of 1982. It is that time of day where the sun casts the deepest, darkest shadows of the day. The greenish brownish hue of rusted metal that is a street sign located on the block in which an intelligent boy named Omar Little resides with his sinful mother Ronda Little is shown, containing the ironically clean white letters which spell out Lexington. Omar Little is shown in one of the only two rooms of his mother’s welfare acquired home sitting on what is surely to be a termite infested creaking wooden floor, a conclusion that can easily be deduced from the fact that there are areas around Omar on the floor on which he sits that is riddled by holes varying in diameter and size. On the television screen is shown the infamously yellow “Big Bird”, from Sesame Street, who is accompanied by the rest of the Sesame Street gang in the singing of the nursery rhyme entitled “A Hunting We Will Go”, similar in musical and lyrical content to that of the nursery rhyme “The Farmer in…show more content…
You snitch the other day on me in school punk?” Corner Boy 1 is a schoolmate of Omar, and is three grades above him. A couple of days ago at school, Omar became the only person to witness Corner Boy 1 sticking up one of his best friends Manny in the second floor boy’s bathroom. Omar didn’t want to get in trouble with Corner Boy 1 because he was a Corner Boy, and therefore decided not to be a snitch, and rat him out to the principal. Omar: “I ain’t no damn snitch.” Corner Boy 1 grabs Omar by the collar, tearing it slightly. Corner Boy 1: “That shit ain’t what I heard!” Omar pushes Corner Boy 1. Omar: “Get the fuck off me, yo. I said I ain’t a snitch! Get yo dirty drug dealing hands off me.” Corner Boy 1: “Fuck you, little bitch, at least I’m getting mine. And what you mean dirty? Look at my style, nigga. Look at yours! You poor ass as hell, you faggot ass, dirty ass, crack momma havin ass mutha

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