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Aaliyah Crosell 3/28/14 Poetry Analysis Poetry is used to express someone’s feelings or thoughts towards something. There are also many symbols that people express these feelings. The novel Night has many symbols of hope even though the characters are going through an oppressive situation. I read Gabby’s poems. The symbols of her two poems are a photograph. The first poem I analyzed was A Time. A Time describes someone who is imprisoned and is being treated unfairly, but finds comfort in a picture he has of his family. The narrator reminisces on the time he had before he was imprisoned. The poem form is written in free verse. Free verse woks with this poem because when someone is in prison they usually have a lot of time to think, and when you think it is very free. This poem uses a lot of personification. In lines 9-11 “The only thing I have, watches over me while, I make through the nights.” This is personifying his portrait. Also, in line 3-4 “Smirking at me because I have lost everything”. These lines are personifying the walls, and how he feels being locked away. Lines 15-16 say “it smiles at me when I’m thrown around.” The narrator finds comfort in his picture even though he’s going through this. The poetic form conveys hope, showing that even though you are imprisoned and can’t see your family you can still find comfort in your family. Baggy Pants describes how a child and their family are forced to leave their home. All the child is left with is a picture. The form that the poem is written in is lyric with rhyme. This form is effective because the poem is written in a child’s point of view. This poem also uses imagery. Line 17-18, “When we have to sleep, on the cold hard concrete.” The poems A Time and Baggy Pants use symbolism to convey hope. Through imagery and personification. The use of free verse and lyrics with rhyme. The poems were able to

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