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Analysis of “Nomad Exquisite” by: Wallace Stevens Title- In the poem “Nomad Exquisite” the title is probably about a nomad, which is a person who moves from place to place, that has something very special or unusual about this person. Paraphrase- Florida is a neat place. The dew creates water on the ground in order for the big palm trees and pretty green vines to grow. The sound is like music in the air. Also, it has all of the bright colors and nice mornings. The alligators roam around in Florida. All of these things make the people excited. Figurative Devices- The saying “As the immense dew of Florida” is the repetition of this poem. This means that the dew on the ground helps to create all of those things. It makes the poem more mysterious; the reader doesn’t know what will come up next. Attitude- The attitude of this poem is strong and exciting. The feeling of the words, when you read them, seems very strong, such as “green vine angering for life” and the “lightning colors”. It is exciting also; due to the reference of the alligator and the fire. Shift- The shift in this poem starts in the last stanza. In the beginning it was talking about what all the dew of Florida brings forth, and then it shifts to what the “blessed mornings” brings. Title- In the poem “Nomad Exquisite” the title’s meaning does change after reading the whole poem. It was not about a unique nomad but about the dew of Florida and what all it brings, and the blessed mornings. Theme- The theme of this poem is all about how the dew on the ground helped to create the pretty things in Florida and how exquisite it

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