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STANDARD ENGLISH AREA OF STUDY: JOURNEYS A journey can be a physical movement that has some significance for those who are involved. It likewise can involve no movement at all and can be a purely internal process that is a result of some significant event. Similarly, a journey can be entirely imaginative and be solely the result of a creative vision of the composer. PHYSICAL JOURNEYS: what is the motivation for the journey? Did the protagonist begin their journey in order to search for something or was it to run away from something at home? what is it precisely that the protagonist is searching for? Is it something tangible, or is it an inner need that person has? where does the person choose as a destination for their physical journey? What does it say about them as a person? does the journey challenge the protagonist? How? What are the most challenging parts of the journey? what are the most important events of the journey? Why are these events important? Does the protagonist meet people who become significant for them? Who are these people and what is their significance? does the physical journey mirror any personal or spiritual journey of the protagonist? Do different places have any symbolic meaning? how does the journey affect the protagonist? Are there any noticeable changes in the protagonist that are a direct result of the journey? ANSWERING EXAM QUESTIONS⋄ Does your written (exam) response: Pay attention to the syllabus requirements? Interpret the question correctly and answer as it directs? Write about a prescribed text, the stimulus booklet and other related texts? Balance the time spent on each text? Select key sections of complicated texts and analyse them in depth? Discuss the how (as well as the about) of each text? Give consideration to the structure of the writing? Synthesise the discussion of the texts by comparing and contrasting? THE

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