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Here I am in this dreamy place again. around me are dusty fields, dead grass, decaying, old bridges. The sky is fading to dark red. No birds sing or live here. Few in number, the clouds still threaten me. The stagnant waters under the bridges hold fat, slimy fish that swim beneath the floating moss. Although not forsaken, I am alone, and God only hides from me here. I know this place so well, yet here I'm lost. I am a wanderer, looking for something that will tell me what I am looking for. Empty houses call me into them, and show me room after room with odd things or memories sought to be forgotten or demons who desire to rob me of something important, health, safety, sanity, spirit, or power. The demon sees me and cries in rage, seeking to enter me, and attacks. I draw fire upon it from both side and drive a sword into its body, only by thought of sword and fire, and yet I awake suddenly, out of breath and terrified. Then, once again, I am reminded that these demons have already found a way inside me, while I was still young, and that the war still continues. NIGHT and day lost in passion as red as blood my heart is driven to crave things with much lust, sweet gold, diamonds, hundred dollar bills and lipstick, me, me, me, forget about the hungry and sick, no I cry out from the darkness within this sin, my good character evading this assassin, I surely know what is wrong and what is right, yet I fret for good cause to slip from it's claws, help me oh my guardian in this my dark hour, my only everlasting presence within, but the demons with a pleasant touch again win, the fingers in the right places pastor calls sin, release me you beast and go away I say, then lets see you live without money today, but this that I need I find a way to crave, give me my passion for it is mine all mine,' madness isn't far from my eternal sadness, I

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