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I’ll never forget the day, your precious life was taken away, my vision went from vivid to weary and gray. I didn’t understand it, I still don’t till this day, how someone so special could be up and taken away. you were one of very few, who knew how to break threw, the wall I ALWAYS seemed to drew. I’ll never forget our connection, you always found some silly way to ease the tension. Stay angry at you for more than a minute? I tried so hard but never once did it. When I got that call that changed it all, my world caved in and seemed so small. Never realized how much you meant, until your time was spent. That infectious laugh, those big dumbo ears, You’ve always been there for me over the years. You were a true friend and my first kiss. Every time we were together it was pure bliss. There’s no doubt in my mind you were one of a kind, I hated being tickled, but by you I didn’t mind. You were truly something special, filled with such potential, You changed so many lives for the better, the least I could do, was write you one last letter. I will never forget you, not even for a second, when I accidently slipped you the “L”word , We laughed and laughed.. but I secretly meant it. Now rest peacefully Santi, next time we meet, we’ll be kneeling at gods feet. Not a worry in the world no more pain or defeat. Dancing and laughing like old times but we’ll be in paradise, finally.. eternally at peace.

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