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Hoang 01 Lisa Hoang 124/01 Mrs.Maccherone Poe, the Father of Mystery Stories, uses many literary devices to create a specific mood to present the story smoothly. Growing up, Poe felt lonely and a sense of loss. Because of growing up with those emotions, Poe’s works are full of horror, mystery, and fear. Throughout the story of Fall House of Usher, a creepy feeling is maintained from the beginning to the end. Poe’s usage of literary devices and choice of words are what use to maintain the creepy feeling. The trepidation which characterizes the mood in Fall House of Usher is found through foreshadowing, allegory, and unity of both tone and diction. Poe uses foreshadowing to entice the readers and to hint at future events that may occur later in the story. The narrators a descriptive detail of the “barely perceptible fissure” on the building indicates the house falling down into the tarn foreshadow the final outcome of the story. The fissure foreshadows the horrible fate and the final collapse of the “House of Usher” – which represents both the family mansion and the Usher family line. As expected, the “House of Usher” is indeed destroyed at the end. Poe is able to develop characters, entice readers, and communicate certain points, which in turn, keep the readers on the edge of their seats in suspense wondering what will happen next. Poe uses allegory to give a double meaning to the story. The house of Usher, both in terms of the Usher family and the house itself were known as “one and the same”. The story shows that the family had a history of disease, death, entrapment, and insanity. In Usher’s case, Roderick and his family were all representatives of such demons, of such imperfections. The house decayed as Roderick decayed, and both the house and the owner were going downhill. Hoang 02 When the narrator escapes, the house implodes on its own.

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