Pockets Of a Man Essay

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Pockets of a Man “At first glance, many will mistake this movie as yet another film perpetuating violence, pumping its fists in an attempt to rile the troops to "stick it to the man" but this is false. (ftelly7)” In actuality, I think Chuck Palahniuk wanted viewers to be able to see what the world was thinking. He documented thoughts of those who had the tools to be successful but lacked a blueprint. “I see the strongest and the smartest men who have ever lived... and these men are pumping gas and waiting tables,” Chuck Palahniuk. David Fincher saw problems with capitalism in America and made them visually available. “Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need.” Together both of these men contrived a film that will continue to be analyzed years from now. Society seems to repeat itself when dealing with the decline of masculinity, the destructive rule of Capitalism, and terrorist revolutions that attempted to change them both. Having seen the film Fight Club before I was surprised as to how many themes and symbolisms I found while watching it the second time around. In one of the opening scenes the narrator is on the toilet examining a magazine from different angles in attempt to get the best view. As viewers, we can only imagine what naked woman is on the layout of that magazine, as they still haven’t shown us. We can infer that whatever it is she’s advertising, there’s a chance he’ll purchase it. This, to me, is an accurate depiction of what a single, young aged male does when spending extensive amounts of time in the bathroom. The narrator then asks, “What dining set best defines me,” which kind of takes my perception into another direction. It’s at this moment we realize that it’s not pornography that he’s looking at, but a furniture magazine. He is constantly ordering furniture from the IKEA

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