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Introduction Matoaka is the name which history remembers as Pocahontas, which means "Little Snow Feather". She is the youngest of the more then 100 children born to her father, Chief Powhatan. Pocahontas was born which historians believe about 1595. In 1607 an English settler, John Smith, arrived in Jamestown. John claimed to have avoided a fatal encounter with Powhatan's warriors when Pocahontas bravely threw herself in front of him, refusing to have her tribesmen beat him to death. In 1607, John Smith and his crew are setting sail from Jacobean England for the New World. The ship is flying the brand new Union flag (designed in 1606). Smith's commander, the evil Governor Ratliffe, has a pet pug (brought to Europe from China by Dutch traders in the 16th century; fashionable from around 1600). Extremely impressive attention to detail.

1607 Englishmen arrived at Jamestown. John Smith led an expedition from the fort and met Chief Powhatan and Pocahontas. Pocahontas and John Smith became friends. Pocantas took food to the colonists during a difficult winter. She traded with the colonists. She carried news between the Powhatan Nation and the colonists at Jamestown.There is a movie called Pocahontas Jim Sturgess. Jim’s birth name is James Sturgess. Some of the films that Jim has been featured in are: 21, Across the Universe, The Other Boleyn Girl, and Crossing Over. Jim Sturgess is a British actor born on May 16, 1981 in a small village in London, England. Jim is a former member of the National Youth Music Theatre and studied at the University of Salford’s School of Media, Music, Performance and obtained an HND. At the same time, he was also a member in a seven member band called the Dilated Spies. Although primarily active in television, he has also appeared in film and radio and is perhaps even famous for his role as the younger Charlie

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