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Description of the business Type and Nature of the Business:- Thermo Electron is a Jamaican sole-trader consumer electronics corporation located in Mandeville, Manchester. This business will sell electronic equipment intended for everyday use, most often in entertainment, communications and office productivity. Mission Statement – “To enhance the quality of life through technology for recreation, leisure and educational purposes.” Objectives: 1. Exceed customers’ expectations in the transfer of their goods. 2. To increase the company’s market share. 3. To gain competitive edge. 4. To provide excellent customer service. 5. To effectively reach the target population. 6. To maintain a high level of satisfaction among our employees. 1 Organization of Marketing Department Marketing Manager Marketing Analyst Social Media Specialist Marketing Assistant Marketing Coordinator * Marketing Manager – The marketing manager will be responsible for finding and developing customer bases for the products and services. The market manager is responsible for designing and implementing the company’s marketing plan. * Marketing Analyst – The marketing analyst will be responsible for providing information regarding customers, markets, competitors and campaign effectiveness to measure performance and support business decisions. * Marketing Assistant – The marketing assistant will be responsible for arranging interviews, writing press releases, monitor coverage of our products in the

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