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Description of business The type of business will be a Hair Salon operating in the service industry. The name of the sole trader entity will be Dee Dee’s Salon. The business will provide hair care and styling services to the community of guayaguayare while making a profit. Dee Dee’s Salon will provide the following services: * hair braiding, * hair curling, * hair weaving, * colouring of hair, * relaxing of hair, * steaming of hair and pressing of hair. JUSTIFICATION OF LOCATION This business will be located at Vespry Extension Road Guayaguayare. The reason why this business should be located there is because there isn’t any Hair Salon located there and it will be easier for the people in the area because they won’t have to pay a lot of money to go elsewhere. In addition it will be easy to get labour as many young people will be attracted to working in this type of business. SELECTION OF APPROPRITE LADOUR There will be three skilled persons in the business. Their duties will be to make sure that braiding, curling, weaving, colouring, relaxing, steaming and pressing of hair is done properly. This business will be necessary because those are the most popular things that people are doing their hair and without those things their hair will begin to drop and break up. (separate work into tasks eg one person to wash and cut, other to style relaxing Role of the entrepreneur An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages their own business, while taking risk. The roles of an entrepreneur are as follows: * TYPE OF PRODUCTION LEVELS OF PRODUCTION

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