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DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS The R&J Boutique will be a partnership business, owned and operated by Randien Palmer and Jacob Perez. The business will be located at 25 Crescent Street, Ocho Rios. This business seeks to provide clothes, shoes, bags, extensions and accessories to our valuable customers. R&J Boutique will be opened on Mondays-Sundays 8:30-11:30pm to all ages. The different departments that will be set up by the partners are: * Marketing and Sales Department * Designing Department * Production Department There will be at least 14 employees working in the factory, designing and making the necessary things needed for our business to operate efficiently and 6 persons working inside of the store. Our objectives for the business are: * To provide employment for persons who are qualified for this type of business. * To make a profit so to expand our business venture. * To contribute to the economic growth and stability in the country JUSTIFICATION OF LOCATION R&J Boutique will be located at 25 Crescent Street, Ocho Rios in front of Treasure Hunt and Pings Fabric Store. The reason for choosing this location are: 1. There is easy access to raw materials from Pings Fabric Store that is located in front of the business. We would not have to go too far to get the raw materials needed to make our garments, hence reduction in transportation cost. 2. It is a very secure and safe place to start a business because security guards are always in that area and there is always at least two security guards outside of Treasure Hunt so there wouldn’t have to be a problem about persons breaking into the store. 3. Treasure Hunt is one of Ocho Rios tourist attraction so when the tourist are leaving Treasure Hunt they would be looking directly at the boutique and they would want to come in and take a look and if they see

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