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The Underdogs, by Mike Lupica is a fiction novel about how one twelve- year- old boy can save a football season. This book is very thrilling, inspirational, and entertaining. I couldn’t put the novel down, because every page I turned got better and better. I was very surprised to see how well-written the story was and what a phenomenal plot it has. In the beginning of the book, Will Tyler, a running back is said to be the fastest thing on legs in Forbes, Pennsylvania. However, Will might not have a season because of a sneaker company had gone out of business. It employed half of the townspeople, so when it closed the town decreased in population and so did the town’s money. When the town announces they can’t finance the team, Will gets very angry and tries to save the season, and give Forbes something to cheer about, because there’s really nothing to be excited about when it’s hard to find a job, and raise children. When Will is trying to put back the football team he asks a bunch of people in school, and is having trouble getting at least eleven players on the team. However, that’s not Will’s only trouble; he also has to find a new coach. He eventually finds the perfect guy for the job and is excited about his new coach. The protagonist sends a letter to New Balance to see if they could sponsor their team. He tells them all about how the sneaker factory closed down and how they have no money for jerseys, helmets, etc. Rob Demartini, the company’s CEO, said it touched him and told Will it was priceless. Will was so excited about the football season starting because he could have a rematch against the Castle Rock Bears who he lost to last year. The only problem was if Will could get to the “Super Bowl” game with at least eleven players. This is one of the most intriguing sports books I have ever read. The reason is because you expect one thing but then the outcome is

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