Poaching for Endangered Species: Reasons Behind It. Essay

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Poaching for Endangered Species: Reasons behind it. The occurrence of poaching for endangered species is still happening because of irresponsible people who still demands for product made from endangered animals. In addition, the market value for these animals products are also high which then goes to another reason they are hunted, greeds building up in the mind of the poachers and the wildlife rangers that results to bribery. Endangered species are groups of animal that are protected by law. There are several laws that have been adopted to regulate the import, export, and sale of wildlife. There are also laws that protect species from various forms of inhumane treatment, including capturing and killing. Laws of Malaysia, Act 76, Protection of Wildlife Act 1972, contains all the sections of wildlife including endangered species such as tigers, lions, rhinoceros, tapirs, orang-utans, hornbills and many more. Besides that, there are also animal’s laws from other nations such as United State Fish & Wildlife Service, Division of Law Enforcement, United Kingdom Protection of Animals (Amendment) Act 2000 and South Africa Animals Protection Act, 1962 (Act 71 of 1962) & Performing Animals Protection Act, 1935 (Act 24 of 1935). Demands for product made from animals. Poaching activities are still occurring due to foolish people who still purchase items made out of these endangered species. Animal products such as alligator’s skin bags, elephant ivory tusks, accessories made of dead animals and animal’s wall decorations are getting high demands in the market and this can be considered as violation of animal rights. Restaurants and exotic food business companies are fond of purchasing meat or raw materials illegal. Often, they will purchase shark fins, snakes meat, turtle meat, and a lot other animal’s part from the black market. Items made of rare

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