Po: the Kung Fu Master

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Po: The Kung Fu Master Once upon a time, there lived a panda named Po. He was ugly, fat, and funny, not to mention ridiculous. He always wanted to be a Kung Fu master. He told his friends, William Shakespeare the Lion, Brad Pitt the Eagle, and Rihanna the Snake about his dream. “What will you be in the future, Will?” asked Po to William Shakespeare. “I don’t have to dream, Po my dear friend. It has been my destiny to be the king of the world,” said William Shakespeare proudly. “Oh, great! What about you, Brad?” asked Po to Brad Pitt. “Oh, my dear friend, I always know I will win the Grammy and marry my most favorite girl, Angelina Jolie,” answered Brad Pitt. “Fantastic! And what do you want to be in the future, Ann?” asked Po to Rihanna. “I will win America Music Award as the best singer ever. I will also be one of the actresses in a very good movie entitled ‘Battleship’,” answered Rihanna. “What about you, Po?” asked William Shakespeare. “I... I... I want to be a Kung Fu master,” answered Po. “Hahahaha,” laughed all his friends. Po was very sad. He came home with his tears rolling down his fat cheek. On the way home, he met a very beautiful butterfly. Her name was Agnes Monica. “What happen to you, Po? Why do you look so sad?” asked Agnes. “I am very sad, Nez. All my friends laugh at my dream, my precious dream,” answered Po. “Oh, poor you. Having a dream is one of the best things you have, you know?” “I know, Nez. That is why I am very sad,” said Po. “Dream, believe, and make it happen, that is what Dumbledore the Wise Worm always says to me, Po. Dream, believe, and make it happen,” said Agnes Monica. Agnes Monica had successfully calmed Po. He no longer cried. Since that day, Po kept practicing every technique to be a Kung Fu master. Po, finally, got a scholarship to study Kung Fu in China. Ten years passed by, Po went back to the village not

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