Pm586 Course Project Week6 Essay

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| | |Course Project: Week 6 | | | | | | | | | | | Project teams are typically organized into one of three structures: • Functional models are often organized at the unit or departmental level and are best for in-house projects that are aligned with the work of that unit or team allowing them to do their normal jobs in addition to project work. • Projectized models work well for endeavors where team members can be dedicated to the effort for the life of the project and only the project. Team members report to the project manager in this structure. • The matrix model is a hybrid approach where team members serve both a functional and project role. That is, they work part time on the project and part time on their normal duties or some other project. Team members here report to both the Functional and Project Managers. For the Huntsville Project, some resources are used heavily such as

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