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Project Name | Construct a Plant in Huntsville, for Seitz corporation to achieve strategic sales and production goals. | Project Number | Seitz/0100200 | Project Manager | | Prioritization | High | Owner(s) | Walter Seitz | Start Date: | April 17, 2011 | Scheduled Completion Date: | June 30, 2012 | Mission | The construction of a plant in Huntsville, Alabama for the Seitz corporation and operational by June 30th, 2012. | | Scope | The new plant in Huntsville, Alabama will manufacture plastic bottles and containers including plastics bottles for wine | | Objectives | 1. To construct and operationalize a new plant in Huntsville, Alabama for the SEITZ Corporation by June 30, 2012 within the allocated budget of $2,750,000 and delivered on time. 2. To hire and train qualified management and operations personnel. 3. To procure all new equipment for production. 4. To procure a full fleet of trucks for distribution. | | Assumptions | 1. The project team would be staffed and ready by 17th March, 2011 giving 1 month to prepare for the start of planning of construction, site procurement etc. 2. The architect selection, real estate selection needs to be completed by April 17th 2011 3. Acquiring land and permits in Huntsville is not met with any unusual legal constraints i.e., there is no government embargo on setting up the plant in Huntsville. 4. The labor market around Huntsville is sufficiently large to be able to serve the line requirements emerging at the new plant. | | Constraints | 1. The costs for staffing and constructing the new plant might not be covered by the $2,750,000 budget 2. The prototype for the new plant will be the one that was prepared by Mr. Down. | | Time/Decision Points | 1. Project Team Onboard: 15th March 2011 2. Project Start Date: 17th April 2011 3. Architect and Real Estate

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