Pm3110 Week 1 Mini Case 1

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Case 1: deadline Friday May 11, 2012, 8.00pm Background The aim of the case is to build some first experience with constructing a credit scoring model and evaluating its adequacy. The data you have is very similar to real-life data from an actual portfolio of a bank. The data has been slightly transformed. File to use For this case, you use the file CR_Case1_???.xls, where ??? holds the first letter of your family name. For example, if my family name is Kim or Lucas, I work with the file CR_Case1_JKL.xls. If my family name is Xenophoboumenos or Zhang, I work with the file CR_Case1_XYZ.xls. Software advice I advise to use EViews or SPSS or SAS, whichever you prefer. Matlab is also possible. The whole exercise can, however, also be…show more content…
|Real Estate Depreciation |Most recently observed depreciation of real estate | |Plant and Equipment |Balance sheet value | |Plant and Equipment Investments | | |Plant and Equipment Depreciation | | |Financial Fixed Assets |Long term financial assets of the client | |Current Assets |Current assets of the client | |Trade debtors |Trade credit granted by the client to others | |Liquid Assets |Balance sheet item of the client…show more content…
|Assets |Balance sheet item | |Equity |Balance sheet item | |Reserves |Balance sheet item | |Long-term debt |Balance sheet item | |Change in long term debt | | |Short-term debt |Balance sheet item | |Change in short-term debt | | |Net Sales |

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