Pm Roles and Responsibilities Essay

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The project management role is arguably the most challenging of roles within the project team. As the project progresses through its various life cycle stages, project managers must be able to adapt themselves to the changing demands of the project and the team. The Project Manager is responsible for everything that is required to make the project a success - whether directly or indirectly. The Project Manager is at the centre of everything relating to the project. As viewed by many a prominent management gurus, Project Management is a means to overcome legacy obstacles and provide solutions to problems arising during traditional process of meeting goals. The project manager, not being a mere facilitator of tasks in logical sequence in this process, is the true champion of a project from its inception to completed objectives. The following figure accentuates the role a project manager plays:  The Project Manager needs to manage upwards - ensuring that the inverted hierarchy comprising the organization’s leadership and the project sponsors are doing all that is required to guarantee the success of the project.  The Project Manager is also the main focal point for liaison with other departments, projects and initiatives within the organization, taking into account the needs and contributions of other internal groups.  The Project Manager is equally the main point of contact for aspects requiring co-operation and co-ordination with external parties such as the project's suppliers and contractors, customers, suppliers, regulatory bodies, and other third parties - making sure everything is in place to guarantee success.  The Project Manager has direct responsibility for the activities of all project participants, all project tasks and all

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