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Homework (1) | Project Management | Chapter 2 | Done by : Sara Khano | Questions: 1. Imagine that your company is planning to construct a nuclear power plant in Oregon. Why is stakeholder analysis important as a precondition of the decision whether or not to follow through with such a plan? Conduct a stakeholder analysis for a planned upgrade to a successful software product. Who are the key stakeholders? Stakeholder analysis is a useful tool for demonstrating unresolved conflicts and in the introduction of any new project .So if my company is planning to construct a nuclear power plant , here the stakeholders are key players in my planning as they have the power to affect all my project and also may cause problems if they have any issue with the project as we are talking about a nuclear plant that will affect them, so they may block this project from completion, like government as they have regulations that may mismatch the project. Moreover, this project affects the environment ,so I must out all these issues in mind. Therefore, stakeholder analysis may help defining any possible obstacles for this project and the way to prevent them in case of happening. The key stakeholders in upgrading a software may include customers ,suppliers ,competitors, people who work in the project. Customers are very essential in such projects as they are the users that will buy the software so we must have an intensive analysis about their needs and wants to be considered in upgrading , suppliers are so effective to the success of this project with the needed materials and also with the maintenance , so we need a very strong and good relation with them , to make our project succeed. We can t ignore the competition as to see how we could upgrade our software in a way that will give us a competitive advantage over hem to
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