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Chapter 5 – Measuring Results and Behaviors Learning Objectives 5.1 Adopt a results approach to measuring performance including the development of accountabilities, objectives, and standards. 5.2 Determine accountabilities and their relative importance. 5.3 Identify objectives that are specific and clear, challenging, agreed upon, significant, prioritized, bound by time, achievable, fully communicated, flexible, and limited in number. 5.4 Identify performance standards that are related to the position, concrete, specific, measurable, practical to measure, meaningful, realistic and achievable, and reviewed regularly. 5.5 Adopt a behavior approach to measuring performance including the identification and assessment of competencies. 5.6 Develop competencies that are defined clearly, provide a description of specific behavioral indicators that can be observed when someone demonstrates a competency effectively, provide a description of specific behaviors that are likely to occur when someone doesn’t demonstrate a competency effectively (what a competency is not), and include suggestions for developing them further. 5.7 Develop comparative performance measurement systems such as simple rank order, alternation rank order, paired comparisons, and forced distribution--being aware of the relative advantages and disadvantages of each. 5.8 Develop absolute performance measurement systems such as essays, behavior checklists, critical incidents, and graphic rating scales, and understand their advantages and disadvantages. Chapter Outline Measuring Results and Behaviors Overview Measuring Results Measuring Behaviors Measuring Results • Key Questions o Where should each individual

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