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h Contents Question- 1 2 Case study 2 Introduction: 3 Keeping market updates: 4 Information sources: 4 Planning ahead: 5 Cash flow and financial management: 5 Problem solving: 6 Question-3 6 Business operations 6 Determining business location (for setting up of new division): 6 Challenges faced in managing the staff: 8 Managing staff and its motives: 9 i. Reward systems and Performance Management: 9 ii. Members from junior team must be rewarded publicly for great job: 10 iii. Personal attention required: 10 vii. Wear authority lightly: 10 Question-4 11 The performance dashboard: Other View: 11 Conclusion: 12 Bibliography 14 Critically analyze the above proposed solution in the case study and identify the main people management challenges presented by it Question- 1 Introduction to Case study The company described as T.J.Jone& Son’s Ltd is one of the best known Builder company having made its foothold in market in the year 1960. The major function of this company is to provide materials of construction such as Sand and Iron etc. to other Trader’s of Building. It is far more known that trading sector has made up better reliability and create a better requirement in building either small and large building Implementations. The major need for the company is to gain better good contacts and deliver good manufacturing capability and deliver knowledge among varied engineers. (Hippel, 1988) It employs approximately 150 permanent staff, mostly men working fixed hours (9.00 to 5.00 on weekdays and 9.00 to 1.00 on Saturdays) and most of who have long service with the company. It has been company policy to allocate new hires to a specific department, help them to acquire detailed knowledge of products in that department by attending courses and on-the-job training and then locate them permanently in that department. This has worked very well

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