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1. What are the forces that are compelling change at MediSys? * Losing market share to competitors. * New leadership (Mr. Beaumont). * Mr. Beaumont’s parallel development approach for speeding product development. * Medisys’ business goal of launching an innovative world class product by August 2009. 2. What forces are affecting the IntensCare’s behavior, culture and outcome? Culture: * The business environment influenced the selection of a new approach (parallel development) in order to face new threats (competitors). * Cross-functional teams forced individuals to keep in mind the big picture of the process. Behavior: * Intenscare group members’ performance evaluation included contributions to other projects. As a result, some members divided their effort to different activities, which was viewed as lack of commitment by other team members. * Medisys’s original culture, prior Mr. Beaumont’s arrival, was influenced by technical projects. Technical managers had a sense of entitlement over other non-technical areas, which stagnated the sharing of information. Outcome: * The outsourcing of software development affected the original production plan due to the inability of the hired firm to meet deadlines. * The limited number of engineers available for the project aggravated issues related with fitting the data displays and battery units into size specifications. * Functional agendas resulted in conflict of interests and improper assessment of the project’s priority. * The cross functional identity of the team limited and deterred the decision making process. 3. Describe the team dynamics. The team was comprised of individuals technically competent in six key areas for product development: marketing and sales; research and development; product engineering; software design; regulatory and

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