Pm 598 Week 7 Negotiation Exercise

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There are four key actions during the pre-award phase: Clearly stating your (seller/buyer) objectives; Identifying the sources and characteristics of uncertainties about achieving those objectives; Defining, managing, and assessing risks; and Making decisions about an appropriate course of action. Furthermore, these actions should be taken from the perspective of both the buyer and the One important area to consider with any contract is the area of contract pricing arrangements and incentives. Some of the areas you might consider are cost performance, schedule or delivery performance, and quality outcomes. While the exact nature of the work you need to manage may differ, we can get ideas from a variety of industries on creative ways to structure contracts. Below is a listing of the 15 best practices of contract incentives. Roll over each incentive to learn more about creative ideas. Four steps negotiation checklist Facilitate development of a negotiation plan, including the team’s key strategies, your position going in, and your desired outcome. Lead the team in implementing the negotiation plan. Adjust strategies and methods as needed during negotiations to achieve the desired outcome. Facilitate assessment of the negotiation team’s activities Basic Skills of Negotiation . Acknowledge the position of the other party. 2. Use active listening techniques. 3. Adopt effective questioning techniques. 4. Accurately interpret nonverbal communication. 5. Use collaborative communications. 6. Think creatively to find win-win conflict resolution strategies Adopting these basic negotiation skills over a more competitive style will yield a more consistent and positive outcome (Boone & Hollingsworth, 1990; Goddard, 1984; Mastenbroek, 1983; Taylor et al., 2008). Academic researchers in the field of contract management

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