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Suspended particulate matter is the major air pollution. There are 3 different types of suspended. Total suspended particles, which radians are smaller than 100μm. Pm_10 , which radians are smaller than 10μm. PM_2.5, which radians are smaller than 2.5 μm. The research shows that, the concentration of PM_2.5 increases in the atmosphere will significantly increase the risk of human carcinogenic. For example it will cause diseases such as lung cancer mortality. As PM_2.5concentrations in the atmosphere for each additional 10μg / m3, it would lead to an increase in lung cancer mortality rate of 8% , the rate of low birth weight in children increased by 10% , heart and lung disease mortality increased 6%. In 1952, there are thousands people premature dead because of the “London Smog”. Most of them succumbed primarily to bronchitis, asthma, and respiratory distress within the two months. However, at that time, scientists did not clearly understand about the adverse health effects of smog. They recognized that the relationship between the precipitous rise in the death rate and the smog. The chemical composition of particulate matter changes with size and therefore, their effect on human health varies depending on the pollutant’s size. The human body is unable to filter out small particulates such as dust and particulate matter that are smaller than 2.5 micrometers can enter into the alveoli in the lungs, where gas exchange occurs. These PM2.5 particles negatively affect gas exchange within the lungs and can even penetrate the lung, escaping into the blood stream to cause significant health problems. In 2011, the China Daily newspaper reported that the lung cancer rate in Beijing had increased 60% over the past decade, even as levels of smoking had fallen, implying air pollution as a primary culprit for the increased cancer rate The population growth stimulates

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