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Of Plymouth Plantation, by William Bradford ! Use the following strategies to determine the meanings of the words below. On a separate piece of paper, break each word into parts. Give the meaning of each part and your definition of the word. amiable fluently aspect convent English 3: Assignment 1 Of Plymouth Plantation, by William Bradford ! Complete the Before You Read activity. If you found yourself deserted on an island, what would you need to survive? Complete the chart at the beginning of the story. Fill in what you would need to survive and tell how you would get it. ! Focus: The grey Focus box can be located at the beginning of new sections and tells you what to look for. ! Words to Know: Important new words are underlined and their definitions appear in the Words to Know section at the bottom of any page. You will use these words in the Words to Know SkillBuilder activities at the end of the lesson. ! Footnotes at the bottom of each page put unfamiliar phrases or words into familiar context. Use this feature when you need help understanding the author’s meaning. ! Read the excerpt from Of Plymouth Plantation on pages 4-11. Complete all of the following activities: ! Mark It Up activity on page 5 ! Pause & Reflect activity on page 5 ! Read Aloud activity on page 7 ! Pause & Reflect activity on page 8 ! Pause & Reflect activity on page 9 ! Pause & Reflect activity on page 10 ! Pause & Reflect activity on page 11 (You do not have to complete the Challenge activity) English 3: Assignment 2 ! Sometimes you can figure out the meaning of an unfamiliar word by thinking about its relationship to words you know that look similar or that share a common root. A root is a word part that must be combined with other word parts, such as prefixes and suffixes, in order to form a word. Look at the following word: admonishment By using familiar root words in

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