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Megan Moores Lab #5 11.6.12 Plum Island The ecosystem that I researched on is called Plum Island. Plum Island is located near Massachusetts and there are many plants, and animals on this island. From woodland creatures to marine life, Plum Island has it all. Plum Island also has many endangered species. There is a term called ecosystem services and how it plays a big role in ecosystems, not just this one but every ecosystem. The definition of ecosystem services is the benefit that nature provides to humans, plants, animals, ad much more. An ecosystem service is a connection between people and nature. Nature is a big part because we rely on what are ecosystem has to offer to provide the products we need and use every day. Humans rely on the resources because without them there would be no humans. The quality of human life would be nothing. We wouldn’t have the food and water we need to survive. Also ecosystem services regulate floods, drought, land degradation, and disease.…show more content…
The pied-billed grebe is a small little brown bird, with a black band around its beak. Although Pied-billed Grebes are still common and widespread around the northeast they are considered endangered. There has been evidence of recent declines, where they have become extremely rare in some places. A major threat to the Pied-billed Grebe is habitat loss. Another species that has become endangered and that is on Plum Island is the Mute Swan. The Mute swan is very large bird with a long neck in the shape of an “S”. Wildlife agencies have monitored these birds and it doesn’t seem like the population of them is growing quickly or expanding. One more bird on Plum Island that has become endangered is the Sora. The Sora has a yellow bill, a black mask, and a black throat. The bird Sora is commonly spread but the loss of wetlands has led to a population decline in this specific bird. Soras are also legally hunted in many of the

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