Plug It in 6 Discussion Questions

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Derek Brunson CISM 3330-03 Plug IT In 6 Discussion Questions 1. | Why is it so important for you to protect your information assets? Can you assume that your organization's MIS department will do it for you? It is important to protect your information assets by behavioral actions and computer-based actions. I can assume that my organization MIS department will do it for me because they would identify issues and problems and promote to employees how to protect their assets that might be vulnerable to theft in the outside world. It’s important to protecting our assets that might be on portable devices to prevent the theft, use two factor authentications, and encrypt your data. Protecting your privacy by using strong passwords, adjusting the privacy settings on your computer, and surf the web anonymously. Other ways to protecting your privacy may include e-mail anonymously by reporting spam to your email provider and knowing what information on your emal is creditable, and by erasing your Google search history to prevent important history from being discovered. | 2. | Discuss the differences between behavioral actions that you should take and computer-based actions that you should take. | | | Some combinations of behavioral actions are that you should never provide personal information to strangers in any format of physical, verbal, or electronic. Be on your guard at all times by securing your credit cards. Pay attention to credit card billing cycles. Limit debit card usage. Do not use a personal mailbox at home or apartment for anything other than catalogs and magazines. Cross-cut or confetti-shred mails and old records. Sign up with a company that protects personal information. you are vulnerable to social engineering attacks at home as well as at work. Therefore, it is critical that you be on your guard at all times. For example, always
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