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------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Top of Form Bottom of Form Money politics is 'real threat' The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Thu, 05/27/1999 7:00 AM JAKARTA (JP): Emil Salim, one of Indonesia's most respected statesmen,warned on Wednesday that the credibility of next month's general election is facing a ""real threat"" from money politics. In an address to a seminar titled ""Indonesia Takes Challenges in Multiparty Elections"", he referred to the practice of bureaucrats abusing state facilities for their own political gains. Emil, ""Mr. Clean"" in Soeharto's New Order technocracy, observed that President B.J. Habibie is doing everything in his power to engineer the upcoming election so that ""he can serve longer"". Habibie, who was hand-picked by his long-time patron Soeharto last May, is generally considered a ""transitional"" president whose main job is to prepare next month's elections. Emil said that although the Habibie administration claims to be a ""reformgovernment"", it practices the New Order's politicking tactics. The National Planning Board's recent revelation that Rp 8 trillion in social safety net funds from foreign donors had been diverted for ""a political party"", proved this, he said. ""The State Secretary (Akbar Tanjung) busy campaigning for Golkar without him being aware that he had abused government facilities for his party is good proof that it is politics-as-usual,"" Emil said. Emil proposed that all the contesting parties should be transparent aboutthe source of their funding and the use of money they solicited from donorsand from the state budget. ""The funds have to be audited by the public accountant and announced to the public,"" he said . Emil

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