Pleiku, Livable City Essay

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GIA LAI, A PLACE TO LIVE. it is undeniable that what to do? and where to settle down? are two most concerned questions for every youngster. To celebrate the independent day of Gialai the 17th march, I would like to welcome you to discuss Whether Gialai is a livable city. In the past, Gia lai was mainly inhabited by two ethnic groups, Gia Rai and bana. Then highland center including Pleiku city was considered the region to relax and unwind under French development. And It really is because we can enjoy the feeling in the mountainous city where the typical day with 4 different seasons: Spring,Summer,Autumn and Winter. All seasons has been changed during a day. Early morning,weather will be chilly, afternoon, the air became hot as summer. When the sun had turned off ,the winds of autumn soothe the burning sun in cool summer. And at the night is down for winter. Not only diversified in weather, but it also the home of a wide range of tourist attractions such as famous lake Bien Ho, uniquely special waterfalls, natural forests especially Trường Sơn, historical mountain range where Vietnamese communists took use of the strategic geographic position to ambush American and french military. After the reunification of VietNam, there was a big flow of immigrants to this land of promise, Gialai nowadays, As a gialaian i have witnessed a huge change in every perspective of this city. There are fewer plots of land where we used to play some cultural games instead more model buildings with a variety of entertainments. Thanks to the fast urbanization, our city’s appearance, from a small town, has turned into a convenient complex. My case is a good example, I graduated from Hung vuong high school 6 years ago. Occasionally, I just visited where I had 3 years to study in. I couldn’t see any thing from my past time. From the gate to the classroom, it is totally different

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