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The movie Pleasantville can be seen as an American movie because it has a lot of techniques used in other American movies. Pleasantville itself is about a brother(David) and sister(Jennifer) who get trapped in 1980’s sitcom in which everything is perfect and nothing can go wrong. The criteria used to define movies as “American” usually deals with the lives of teenagers and how they deal with it, whether it is relationship problems, social status, or other issues which trouble teenagers. The movie Pleasantville demonstrates much of these problems within the movie. One of the main problems for the main character is that he is socially unaccepted and a “nerd” in the world he lives in. For that reason the main character (David) see’s Pleasantville as an escape to somewhere in which he could be liked. Another problem in the movie is that after having color in the sitcom, through a series of events that forces change in the town, there is segregation in Pleasantville. This deals with the struggles that Americans had to go through when race was an issue. These situations are common amongst American teen movies. The actual town of Pleasantville showed the social groups formed such as the basketball team. Another component of an American teen movie is romance and love in the movie. In Pleasantville there is a love that forms between David’s boss and David’s mother. Jennifer ends up changing from black and white to vivid colors. The endings of each character are relatively good ones. Pleasantville, the movie, can be seen as a American teen movie because it has romance, teen angst, racial issues, social status and groups. All of which make up American teen movie or are a part of

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