Please Relate Any Particular Events, Reasons, Set Essay

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8 I’ve always wanted a career in healthcare, and I wanted to make help people feel better when they are sick. my research experience in Dr. Dorrin’s lab sparked my interest in pharmacy. After spending three semesters attempting to accomplish a carbohydrate melanoma vaccine, I became really interested in pharmaceutical research and drug synthesis. I soon realized that a pharmacy degree would give me a vast array of career options and that really appealed to me. Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy has a strong pharmacy program that will help me find my specific passion in pharmacy and develop all the skills I will need to successfully complete that career. Furthermore, the research opportunities at Nova are very diverse ranging from autism research, which appeals to me because it correlates with my graduate school research, to cancer research. I am very interested in continuing research along with my pharmacy education and I believe that the Nova College of Pharmacy has the perfect opportunities for me to accomplish this. I am also interested in educating and helping the community understand medicine and healthcare in general. The community outreach program at Nova is outstanding; I would love to take part in such a program to help educate the public about various topics such as asthma, tobacco, and insurance coverage. Lastly, although my family lives in St. Louis, MO, my uncle lives in Florida and it is comforting to know that if I ever need anything I am close to him and he can help

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