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Afrikaans Mondeling Die Toekoms What to do after school is always a hard decision. In the tough world today you only have two options, go to university or take a gap year. Gap year is usually going overseas and working in some way to get money and experience or a gap year can be where you study to learn more. Gap years are a good thing as it lets you gain experience and lets you know more about the real world, but this isn’t for me I want to go straight to university. University is where you study until you get a degree. Your future is basically all about setting up for when you’re old. That is why doing a gap year and studying at a university is very important. Any good job that’s gives you good money today requires you to have a degree from a university. That is why it is important to get high marks in matric to get into the University that you want to. Choosing what you want to study is also a big decision to make. First you have to look at what subject you are good at and what you like doing. For me Mechanical engineering interests me the most so I will be trying my best to get into that. After getting for the degree that you want you have to keep on working hard and get your degree. School and life after is all about setting up your life for a better

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