Pleasantville: Movie Analysis

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In the movie “Pleasantville,” Mr. Johnson was a dull restaurant owner with mainly no purpose other than serving burgers. However, he made an impressive impact on his community when his life is changed and his routine life had no habits and he became and independent person. And with that gain of his independence, he becomes a bold artist and discovers his new passion for art. In “Pleasantville,” when Bud first arrives to the town of Pleasantville, we see that when he does not do his job correctly, Mr. Johnson, his boss cannot continue to do his part of the job. Because Mr. Johnson was so accustom to his repetitious sitcom life, he had no idea what to do when he was closing up his shop. As a result, he went to Bud’s house to address the problem…show more content…
Johnson first realizes his love art when bud brings him a book of art. That book becomes a very important item in the movie because it had a great influence on Mr. Johnson. The art book was one of the main factors that created rebellion and chaos in Pleasantville because Mr. Johnson then created art as time passed he became colored. In Pleasantville, the “non-colored” citizens thought of the “colored” as tainted or impure. Because the “colored” were not like the rest, the people were prejudice and immediately thought that they were mischievous and would disregard their presence. That situation, however, had an eminent connection to prejudice in the 1950’s. However, Mr. Johnson’s love of art began when creating art in private, yet, when seen by others he was encouraged to show the people of Pleasantville. His passion pushed him to paint on his windows for the whole town to see, despite the fact that art and colors were frowned upon by others. Mr. Johnson’s passion for art drove him to explore other kinds of art, art with new shapes and colors. Astonishingly, Mr. Johnson then fearlessly drew a nude picture of Betty on his windows. What’s more is that he not only had passion for art, he began to develop a passion for women, specifically Betty, and he had an affair with Betty. The citizens of Pleasantville were furious because of the nude painting, they have never seen such art and it was immediately looked upon as a corrupt picture, rather than art. The citizens then retaliated by destroying Mr. Johnson’s store and his prized artwork. Although the consequences were dire, it is safe to say that he was determined to show the citizens how beautiful art can be. He was so determined that even after the rules for the colored were issued, he and Bud created a marvelous masterpiece in the middle of the city. Accordingly, the painting ultimately demonstrated to the community how the influence of the two teenagers had on the entire community. Furthermore, to actually make
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