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Plea Bargains Andrea Dennis-Hart September 23, 2009 Tony Stroud A plea bargain according to Black’s Law Dictionary is the process whereby the accused and the prosecutor in a criminal case work out a mutually satisfactory disposition of the case subject to court approval. It usually involves the defendant’s pleading guilty to a lesser offense or to only one or some of the counts of a multi-count indictment in return for a lighter sentence than that possible for the graver charge (Black, 1991, p. 798). Many plea bargains need to get the approval of the court, but some may not be; this is when prosecutors may drop charges in exchange for a guilty plea. There are different forms of plea bargains. All involves some form of sentence reduction.…show more content…
The victim will have to go through the court process, which in many ways can cause the person to be victimized again. When a plea bargain is done just so it can get off the “docks” it can but a negative perception from the community of the justice system. Plea bargaining is a win/win situation neither of the counsel’s lose. The judge’s caseload is lessened because there is no need for a trial. With the defendant they get a shot at leniency from the judge. Then there are some that say plea bargaining is unconstitutional. “Plea bargaining rests on the constitutional fiction that our government does not retaliate against individuals who wish to exercise their right to trial by jury.” (Lynch, The Case Against Plea Bargaining, 2003). essentially this means if the defendant believes in their innocence and want to go to trial the will be punished for standing up for their constitutional rights. It is my belief that plea bargaining is an utter necessity, and though it may not seem just at all times; we as a society can see how hectic the court would be if all cases were brought to trial. In the future of plea bargaining, I would like to see those who do choose to go to trial to receive no biased or threats of harsh sentences placed upon them simply because they chose not to agree to a plea bargain and maintain their constitutional right to remain innocent until proven

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