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Playboy Society Essay

  • Submitted by: ShellRubert1
  • on April 3, 2014
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The article “Raunch Culture” by Ariel Levy discusses how life in the twenty first century has become very raunchy and erotic. She talks about how easy it is to blame the males of our culture for objectifying women. However, it is the women who are volunteering to have these pornographic or racy photographs and videos taken of themselves. Even women athletes are posing for scantily clad pictures, and they are getting more attention for that than their specialized sporting events. This article discusses that women taking control of their sexuality and objectifying themselves are not, in fact, the same thing.
For as long as I can remember, I have heard women complain about the way men look and talk about them, how they objectify us. This is a true statement. Most of them do. However, this article is the first time I have heard someone talk about the way women objectify themselves. This is equally true. How many women do you know that buy jeans because “they make your butt look good”? I know I am guilty of this. What about women who buy clothing that shows off their midriff or their cleavage? We then get angry at men when they say inappropriate things or use degrading language. We are flaunting our sexuality in their faces, and they are the ones to blame? That does not make any sense at all. However, we, as women, are taught in our society that “to look good” and “to fit in” we must dress provocatively. The article discusses how women voluntarily put themselves in degrading positions, most of the time for some sort of recognition or prize. After reading this, I am really appalled at my own gender. I have never how often we compromise our pride for a few turned heads. I have always seen the girls who take it to an extreme and we simply dismiss their actions by calling them “sluts” and “whores”.   No one even thinks twice about seeing naked women on everything anymore. We dismiss that too. As a woman, I always think about how disgusting these men for taking pleasure from...

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