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Play Review on Oedipus

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  • on April 16, 2008
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Play Review on Oedipus
I personally found the play Oedipus the King by Sophocles a very interesting and clever play.   Sophocles’ thoughts were greatly influenced by Homer.   Homer was a Greek poet that composed the great epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey.   These two epic poems had a lot of impact on Sophocles’ thoughts and writings.   I feel that with this play Sophocles was trying to warn the Greek people to trust the gods and believe that the oracles were true.   I think the Sophocles was also trying to get across the point that even the greatest leaders eventually have a down fall to them, and that everyone is not perfect.  
At the beginning of this play Oedipus is faced with an epidemic of a plague spreading throughout the city of Thebes. He sends his brother in-law, Creon, to the prophetic oracle of Apollo to find out how the plague could be ended.   Creon returns with information that whoever killed King Laius should be driven out of town and the plague will be ended.   When Oedipus hears the news Creon brings from the oracle, he instantly puts a plan into action to drive out this murderer.   I feel that this is one example that shows Oedipus was a strong leader.   Another way I saw that he was a good leader was when the leader of the Chorus suggested that he call for the great profit, Tiresias and replies that he had already done so.   This showed that he was a step ahead of the game and always knew what his next move would be.   King Oedipus seemed to have everything under control during this time of crisis in Thebes until he finds out that it was himself that killed King Laius.   When he finds this out he also finds that it is true he is married to his own mother.  
I think when Oedipus didn’t know that King Laius was his father and he didn’t know that he killed him there was no way for him to feel guilty about it.   When he finds out all the truths I think that he felt very guilty.   He was overwhelmed by the shock at first but then began to feel guilty.   I...

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