The Play Fences

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The play Fences by August Wilson, argues that conceited and arrogant men are not good fathers, as Troy was not. Troy’s character is portrayed to be a stereotypical male. Throughout the play multiple situations occur when Troy acts like a self conceited pompous father figure. Troy’s arrogance and denial of love for his family and friends untimely leads to his death in act two scene five. Sometimes arrogance and conceit are augmented by alcohol. Troy was a borderline alcoholic that helped contribute to his attitude towards himself and others. He frequently flaunts his sexual drive in front of Bono. Subconsciously, Troy demonstrated his control over his wife by continuing his affair and forcefully grabbing his wife during arguments. Lyon would stop by the house to every Friday to borrow money, Troy never denied his son of his request because he felt shame since he was in jail for most of his childhood. By using money, he felt he was repaying his son for lost time. Troy has resentment towards all professional sports teams. The bitterness comes from not being allowed to become a major league baseball player because he is African American. As a result, he wouldn’t let his son Cory play sports and pushed him to learn a trade. Troy’s resentment towards professional sports teams caused great tension between him and his son, Cory. He knew his son would excel in sports and would achieve his own goals in sports Troy denied his son from playing. Troy also forced Cory to call him sir, even as he destroys Cory’s future. Troy’s past and his bitterness lead him to seek comfort inappropriately in another woman’s bed. The affair with Alberta was being used as a way to make Troy feel good. Troy wasn’t concerned with the feelings of his wife Rose; he only cared about what felt good to him. His tranquil attitude in his marriage caused Rose to leave him womanless. After the death of

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