Play and Socialisation Essay

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Outline and develop the role of play in the socialisation of the child during the childhood period 6-9 years. In the socialisation of the child during the childhood period of six to nine years, the role of play is very significant. This essay will discuss play during child development, describing the importance of play and the different types and characteristics of play. It will also discuss the socialisation of the child during middle childhood which includes the child’s personality development, self-concept and self-esteem, gender roles and importance of peer relationships. In addition, how play influences the child’s social development will be discussed, outlining the positive effects on the six to nine year old child’s social development. + There is a great importance placed on play in the child’s development. Play can be defined as one of the ways that children can learn about themselves, other people and their environment. It is a vital part in every child’s life. Play exercises the child’s cognitive, imaginative, creative, emotional and social development. As well as influencing the child’s overall personality development. Children develop through different kinds of play. Play that takes place alone, mostly with toys, is known as solitary play. Children involved in the same activity, and having barely any communication with each other is known as parallel play. Associative play is similar to parallel play except there is more communication by taking turns, sharing and having an interest in the other person. When children come together to accomplish a certain task as a group it is known as cooperative play (Slavin, 1986). There are seven characteristics of play which include active, adventurous, communicative, Enjoyable, involved, meaningful, sociable and interactive, symbolic, therapeutic and voluntary play (Aistear, www. 05 January 2013). There are also

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