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Foundation Degree in Working with Children Planning for Creative Play – FDWC1 Module 1 Rational Author- Sasha Blythe 113974 Course tutor – Alison Richardson Rational The word create is translated from the Latin word creare, which means to bring into being, to produce where there was nothing before. Creativity is the ability to see things in a new and unusual light. Albert Einstein once said “creativity is contagious. Pass it on”, however the Author believes that creativity itself is difficult to measure. From birth humans are drawn to new things through curiosity, when they are curious about something they want to explore, when they explore something they then investigate and discover. This is how people learn about the world around them, it is how they imagine, invent, express themselves and most importantly how they create new ideas. Another word for this is play. Creative play is a process of making something new from things that are already know and from things that are discovered along the way. Creativity allows humans to show uniqueness, along with self expression also allowing them to have the power or quality to express in their own way. As Winnicott, D.W. (1992) states “It is in playing, and perhaps only in playing, that the child is free to be creative” Which is clear to see through out the Authors creative portfolio. Creative play is a tool used to allow children and young people to express themselves through a variety of media therefore it is important to provide a variety of opportunities to give children and young people the freedom to do this. Children and young people display creativity in all parts of play, especially in art, music, language and fantasy. Art is a way of expressing ideas and feelings in a visual way. Music is the expression of ideas and feelings using movement, in addition it may also include dance, singing,

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