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Please write the essay title in FULL below: Explain why play is important to the holistic development of the young child . Explain how and why children’s play changes over the first six years of life. Include examples to support your explanation. ~ give a definition of play using theoretical perspectives ~ outline characteristics and types of play ~ explain how play facilitated and is impacted by the maturation of children’s developing physical, intellectual, linguistic emotional and social skills during the first 6 years of life ~ link this maturational development to the childs ability to engage in more complex, and more social play, considering children with special needs. From a very early age, play is important to all aspects of a child’s development, and is a way for children to express their impulse to explore and experiment. In this essay I will discuss why play is important for the holistic development of a child, and how and why children’s play changes as they grow older. My understanding of play is that it does not have a basic form or shape. It cannot be singled out and labelled as ‘play’. Play is basically indefinable because of its flexibility and vast nature. It is very fluid, can take many different forms, and can express itself in many different ways, but all of it is play, and all of it is of equal value, because it meets the direct needs of the child at the time it is being played. Play will change its shape to suit the specific environment and circumstances, taking on a different meaning to each individual child. It may change direction at any moment, according to the child’s needs and personality. “The whole point about play is that it cannot be pinned down. It flows. It is on the move.” (Bruce, 2004, p154) Play is not just fun for children, it is fundamental to their learning and development, and is the building block for a

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