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Patricia K. Curriculum Planning 10/21/11 Play Dear Parents, As a parent I understand how important it is for you to make sure your child is receiving a quality start to their education. Children will learn through play. I want you to know play is more important than adult structured activities. Play is important for child development. So what is play? It is the foundation to which children learn and begin to understand their surroundings. Play can also be defined as something that is just simply fun for children, spontaneous, self-motivated and play supports the development and learning in all areas of your child’s overall development. While children are playing, learning is occurring, benefits are gained, and their play will be supported in a developmentally appropriate environment. Play allows children to explore their surroundings, be creative and have fun. While playing, children develop gross and fine motor skills, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Physical play like jumping rope teaches children muscle coordination and body control. While painting children are learning to use the small muscles in their hands which promotes fine motor skills. Group play lets children learn how to play with other children, how to resolve simple conflicts and how to get along with other children and is developing their social and emotional skills. Cognitive development is achieved when children play freely. Through imaginative play children are also enhancing their language skills and giving them a richer vocabulary. Play has many benefits for children. It is beneficial to them to not only acquire the necessary developmental skills they need but they are learning life skills they will need to be successful throughout their life. It also gives them a positive image of themselves. They build confidence, and have higher self- esteem when allowed to

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