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Play Essay

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  • on November 21, 2011
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D. M. Larson

* * *

Cast of Characters

Bear: A polar bear that can be a
female or male that is bigger
than the other cast members.
She is the leader of the
group, the wisest, and mother
or father figure to SEAL.

Puffin: Short, chubby male or female.
He is a true dreamer and
expert story teller. He plays
the comedy relief of the play
always coming out with a good
joke at a moments notice.

Seal: Short and scrawny female or
male. Can be played by a
child. She is a child thrown
into an early adulthood. She
is often weak and scared.

Fox: An arctic fox that is a small,
slender male or female. He
has an unfortunate reputation
of being a thief. He also
seems to always get himself
into some kind of trouble. He
is very jumpy and tends to
complain a lot.

Wolf: An arctic wolf who is the
second biggest in the cast.
He is a male or female with a
very strong personality. He
comes across as powerful and
mysterious. Normally, he is a
loner. He becomes the warrior
and protector of the group.

Time and Place
The present. In the arctic.

The five characters can simply be played by actors wearing neutral colors or clothing color coordinated with a head dress that represents the animal he or she is playing. The play can be performed on any style of stage (traditional, thrust, arena, etc.). No props are required, only costumes. The type and dynamics of the stage is up to the theatre producing the play.

The tragedy of the Alaskan oil spill can never be undone. Hopefully, it's sacrifice will be remembered and not repeated. This play is in the memory of an touched North that is has now been altered beyond repair.
Although, humorous in nature,...

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