Platos Parable Of The Cave

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In what way can Plato’s parable of the cave be applied to the Matrix Movie? Everyone questions their ‘being,’ whether its at night, looking at the stars and thinking that the world is so small in such a big universe, or how many worlds are out there, or how weird it would be if someone were holding our world like a snow globe and staring down at us. The inevitable questioning of the nature of reality is a process which every person goes through. In the Plato’s case, his way of perceiving and trying to explain the world is through his parable of the cave. This allegory has been used for centuries to depict and understand one’s perception of the world and is still used in the present day. This is shown through the example of the Matrix movie. The Matrix, is a perfect manifestation of Plato’s parable of the cave. Plato’s interpretation of the world, lies in the deeper meaning of looking beyond what is right in front of you. In his description of the parable of the cave, he describes prisoners in a cave ‘with a long entrance open to daylight as wide as the cave,’ the prisoners legs and heads are restricted of movement so they can only look straight ahead of them. ‘Behind them and higher up’, is a fire and between the prisoners and the fire is a road with a curtain ‘like the screen at puppet shows between the operators and the audience, above which they show their puppets’ (Simile of the cave). Men go past this screen, carrying tools and gear behind the curtain and the prisoners believe that the shadows they saw are real and that they were able to speak. The prisoners believe they are real because it is all they have been seeing since they were children. They never question the source of the shadows, they simply accept that they are there. This notion of simulation of the ‘world’ runs parallel in the Matrix. The main character, Neo, believes the world he is living

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